Gun time.

Today, went shooting with the wife
Yesterday did nothing
Day before Jack’s bday dinner
Before that, nothing.
Before that, my birthday
Before that, nothing.

This is from today. Shot about 600 rounds with the wife. She shoots so good with the iron sights!

Tomorrow have the day off from work. Should be a busy day and lots already planned required.

Part of these plans are to clean all the things shot recently. 4 rifles, 3 handguns. This is not fun. But it must be done.

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FDE lower, duracoated.

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Missing you.

Do I regret it? Yes and No.

Yes: I LOOOOVED my drift car. It was the PERFECT drift car, IMO. It had all the sweet parts I always wanted.

No: Huge money pit. Let’s not even start to add up how much stuff cost, or cost to maintain. Bought a Titan to get it to the track. Had a trailer. 110 leaded race gas, 18″ tires.

But, it was TOTAL hot shit. FOR SURE. Damn, it looks so good with the TE37s, LMGT4, BN Sports 326 Power, Kouki lamps, Ganadors, Roof wing, Red paint, DZ101, AD07, door interts, GP SPorts, Sparkle paint, DA sticker, Sunroof, 30mm fendre,s etc etc etc. So hot.

BUT. If I won the lotto, I would build it again. How much different from this look would I go? I honestly don’t know. This style still gives me a rock hard boner. I’d probably do a JZX100 or something instead of an S13, or maybe go S15, but it would still be in the same vein as my old S13. For sure.

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It’s here. Finally. Had dinner with Azndoc, his girlfriend and Flybert and my wife. It was good eats tonight. FULL.

Firstly, I must apologize, I thought about it more Jack, and I DO remember getting that hood from you. That’s when I saw that awesome dog at R&D. Haha..with the bandana on its head. So great.

Tomorrow being Saturday should be BUSY. Gym time in AM, painting rifle in late AM, lunch, groceries, laundry and such. Sunday should be cleaning, getting ready for week and do anything I couldn’t get done Saturday (probably laundry).

My dad bought a new motorcycle today, it’s a Harley. I don’t think he’s ever owned one, but I do know he always wanted to. That noise they make is really beautiful. That’s for sure. He needed a new bike. He gave up his last one (a Honda touring bike) when he had cancer over 7 or 8  years ago, and he wanted one after my brother graduated college. So, now was a good time. It’s nice to see my dad still riding (he’s 60 now). He’s been riding motorcycles since his early 20s. Always had a bike, and I recall being younger (pre teens) and going on motorcycle trips and such with him up and down the California coast and mountains. My mom said they had a motorcycle trip when she was like 6 months or so pregnant with me. Crazy. Dad loves bikes and I’m very happy to see him treat himself to one. Great news. GO DAD!

Now, I must lie down. I’ll probably sleep early tonight, so tired.

Picture. I know you hate reading all this bullshit.

NIKKO Circuit driver’s meeting. I didn’t understand a single damn word at it.


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So the wife and I painted my AR lower and some other parts

NOT feeling it. Not the color, but rather the matching. I read online its usually off, so instead of accepting it, we are going to paint all the lower stuff next week to match. Should look a lot nicer that way.

And we learned QUITE a lot today about it as well. The air compressor stuff and the paint mix. Next week should be awesome.


Saw this on another forum. I can’t live like this. Needs to be the same

In the end, all matching is where its at.

I won’t take apart my upper, but at least the lower will all be the same. Maybe take apart the upper one day, but it’s a bit trickier i think. And with the rails, its real meticulous painting work.

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3rd time..

On a roll!

Got a few pics I snapped with the cell phone. DOGGIES!!!! DOGGIES!

“My” first dog ever, Misty! Excellent dalmatian. Very caring, loving and overall, a great dog. I think she died at 13 [dog] years old. Cancer! 😦 Misty, I do remember, saved my ass ones from a pit bull. Walking down the alley home (coming from friends), a dog jump in front of me and growled. It was ready to pounce, I (maybe 8 or 9 at the time) was scared shitless. Misty ran out from our place (gate was open) and pounced on the other dog. She ended up needing some stitches iirc, but man, this dog is awesome. Dalmatians always have a place in my heart, for sure. There are two beautiful ones in the condo area I live in. I feel bad for them, these doggies need SPACE. Energy city!

Yes this is me.

Then we had another dog, that one, a golden retriever, got into something (poison) iirc, and died.

Then got another dog, a mutt of mutts. This thing was all over the place. My uncle Mark had her sister, Lucy. This one, we (my brothers and I) named, Aussie! A great dog as well. When she got old, no joke, she was a barrel with legs. Had arthritis, and eventually put down when she couldnt get up to use restroom or eat. This dog was fantastic as well. Always a good pup.


I look forward to having my own dog (with the wife too I guess). I feel all kids should grow up with some sort of pet (birds don’t count, they just shit everywhere and make noise). Fish are cool but you can’t walk a fish. And they are dumb.  Cats or dogs imo. I prefer a dog being that cats are psycho.

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2 days in a row…

Woah. Aaron, slow down. Pace yourself.

Yesterday had no typing, just pictures really. You just can’t get into my head without something written. You need my rants. Shit, I need it!

What happened lately? Pretty much nothing.

My gym routine is back on track. Over the holiday I really slacked. Not 100% but definitely dropped my 5 day work out routine. I have jumped back into it, which I’m glad and feel better about. I definitely notice a change in my physique, which is great. Wife is happy for it. Still working on dropping fat, mostly the gut. Damn, drinking too many beers and sodas built up. Stupid. I wish that part was easier to lose, but gotta work hard and stay focused!

This weekend I hope to work on my s13 some more. I got a downpipe to put in and finish on my MAFS wiring. I also picked up a angle doo-dad from George in AZ, so I need to get that installed AND get a steering wheel still.  After that the intercooler is needed and piping. Then alignment and BOOM! Drifting time! Should be fun.

Today I got my TRUGLO TFO sights for the M&P. Gotta pay a gun smith to install it, because if I try it myself, I’ll probably biff it. Sigh. And sighting it in, forget about it!

Here’s a picture.

The green one is just as awesome. But I’d say its a toss up. I love my old 240sx!

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