So this week I bore you with a blog update from hong kong!
Vacation suckers!
It was a long and boring flight. But pre-flight my penis got a treat. Kim kardashian was in the next gate over. After oogling her for a bit I sat back at our gate another good amount of time. Flight was delayed about 30 minutes
Got on seated and the 15 hour flight went quick. I watched “due date”, “tangled”, “true grit”, “the fighter”, “127 days” and “black swan”
Didn’t have time for a few of the others I wanted to watch like “little fockers”, “the kings speech” and “hereafter”
Maybe next time
The food pissed me off because by the time breakfast cart reached us they were out of the ham/bacon. Get fucked. So I declined and waited til we landed because I knew would get food at home. 

Another 1.5 hour bus ride and we were at the wifes home (apartment)
Ate food (home made and delicious), watched the royal wedding (boring) and relaxed. I managed to fall asleep a few times until I gave up and just slept! After dinner (also home made and amazing) I slept around 1030/11. Most of night but woke up around 3 or so for a bit, cruises Internet and slept again until 7. 

Today being Saturday more jackasses are about. Fashionable are these glasses. I saw two (a couple in love, and looking ridiculous) in these. With no lenses just frames. Get fucked you look like a clown!!!!  I almost LOL’d at them. 

We were eating lunch with my wifes good friend who is super cool. She took us to this tasty French restaraunr and I didn’t eat alot but it was the perfect amount. Full and satisfied. Walked some more and wife had to run some errands but as I write this sitting in a cafe in causeway bay as my wife and her cool friend chit-chat. I have absolutely no idea what they are saying. I’m going to guess it’s along the lines of “oh your husband is so handsome and amazing. You are such a lucky girl to have such a cool dude!!”


Sounds like talking about work and just home life. Catching up from not seeing or calling echother regularly in a good year. My wife rarely updates her Facebook or blog.  Her friend was one of the 3-5 readers haha

Tonight we are having hot pot for dinner at home. I need the wife to explain to my inlaws that Aaron is on a “diet” and doesn’t eat much in general. No more fatty!
I eat like a bird currently 

Tomorrow I shall begin my running in the mornings. Time off time ends now. I brought my vitamins and protien drink with me gotta use it!

Updates later. I do like the USA much more then HK. Its fine to visit but I couldn’t do it. I’m more a country boy. I like cars and motorcycles and open space. I also like guns and peace and quiet. And rather live in a house with a ton of space instead of a small apartment. It’s just How I grew up in USA. Everyone is different. Wish I knew some cool peeps here

I wrote all this from my iPhone while wife and friend talk. 

Write more later this week. Give me a couple days

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2 Responses to

  1. Logan says:

    More picsssssssss


    Enjoy vacation man! Travel safe!

  2. pinkgodzira says:

    Ok I’ll get some today for an update

    Wish it was easier to take pics of the hot chicks out here but it’s not easy being creepy

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