Goals for vacation

Exactly 1 week until departure. Got my game plan

1) Exercise daily. Pushups, sit ups, running, whatever. Walk the stairs up the 35 floors. Something.

2) Get a new watch. Nice knock off would be cool. Or a legit one would be fine too

3) New wallet. Not white this time, stupid move for a car guy

4) Eat many egg tarts and dim sum. Hot Pot. Street vendor food to the max!!!

That’s all I have planned beyond the usual SLEEP and relax and forget everything about work (which is the easiest)

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2 Responses to Goals for vacation

  1. Janet says:

    Oh man, dim sum and street food? I am *so* jealous. It’s like oozing out of my ears.

  2. dousan says:

    work smerk. buy a ticket and join us!

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