Not dead.

Famous people I wish were still alive, but lives were cut short due to whatever reasons.

In no order

1) John Lennon. Peace lover, NYC lover. Seemed like the nicest dude in the world. Wrote great music. Instead a nut job shoots and kills him. And we get stuck with Ringo. Seriously?

2) Bruce Lee. Awesome guy, amazing skill and personality. I wonder if he would be as fit, if not more fit now then he was then. Definitely older, but I’m sure still even more of a badass and imagine the techniques he would have worked on! Would Jet Li or Jackie Chan even had a career as big as they do if Bruce Lee was still alive? Definitely not as big.

3) River Phoenix. Such a better actor then his brother. Sorry dude.

4) John Belushi. Again, way better then Jim. AND amazingly funny. Maybe if he was alive, so would Chris Farley? Or they would OD together.

That’s all the people that come to mind right now that I would like to meet and wish didn’t die young! 😦

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  1. Janet says:

    Update more often!!

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